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Staging & Interiors

 Color Consultation

Color is the single most important visible element of any design.  We can come in and help the home owner find confidence and vision, whether it's a blank canvas or occupied space.

You don't have to be selling to give your home or office a new look.  Need help picking colors,  window treatments, furniture and placing pictures?   We offer you our Decorating Services.  Need a complete design overhaul of a single room or entire house?   Let us redesign it for you today.  We can help you fall in love with your home again.



 Staging  consultations

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There are 2 categories of staging, Vacant Staging & Occupied Staging.  

Vacant Staging is staging a home that is currently empty.  Vacant spaces draw attention to small imperfections, which in turn can mean less money and/or a longer sale.  In this scenario we will do a room by room consultation (including measurements, photos, color recommendation, etc.), discuss design options, furnish and decorate.  Once your home has sold, we will remove all items. 

Occupied Staging is staging a home that is currently furnished.  Proper staging can help a buyer become emotionally attached to your property, which in turn can mean more money and/or less time on the market.  In this scenario we will do a room by room consultation (including measurements, photos, color recommendation, etc.),  discuss layout, & design options, and whether further pieces may need to be incorporated.  We help enhance your current pieces to attract buyers. 

Sit back, relax and let us help your home sell itself!